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For those who often go to the gym to get themselves into tip-top shape, the two scariest words in the English language may end up being “leg day”. Many athletes hate leg day because of the grueling time it takes for you to recover. However, there are important reasons why you never want to skip leg day.

Testosterone Release

Any time you work out a muscle, testosterone is released. However, when you work out your legs in compound movements, way more testosterone is released because of the large size of the human legs. Not only does this help your legs get stronger, but you could also consider leg day as a way of giving your body a natural hormone boost.

More Overall Muscle

Stimulating your legs stimulates your entire body because your legs are a massive muscle group. When you train them, a large stimulus is sent to the central nervous system. This triggers a great response from the body, and the anabolic effect carries over to your other body parts.

Upper Body Workout

Working out your legs has a versatile effect because you are also training your upper body as well. When you squat, you are not just working your legs, but you are working your arms that squeeze the bar and your back to help to make the weight stable, and also your core. If you have a strong lower body, you will have a powerful upper body as well.


Arguably the most important aesthetic reason for working out your legs is the imbalanced symmetry your body would have if you decide to work strictly on your upper body and neglect your legs.

Skinny legs will look out of place if you’re to have a built upper body with a six-pack and well-defined biceps. In addition, this can contribute to potential balance issues because your lower body won’t have the strength to sustain the added weight.

As you can see, there are valuable reasons why leg day is important and why you should never skip it. Beyond physical appearance, there are medical reasons for ensuring that you have a balanced exercise regimen.

Next time you go into the gym, make the legs a priority while working out. If you’re just starting out in building your leg strength, consider starting small and working your way up.