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It almost seems as though one gives a lot over the holidays–presents, money, time. With so much going on between November and January, health can suffer from neglect.

The holidays are notorious for adding a few inches to one’s waistline and derailing progress. There are parties everywhere, and at those parties are tempting foods that aren’t in your normal diet plan.

But just because the holidays are here, it doesn’t mean you just need to roll over and accept your fate. There are a few tips and tricks that will help you maintain your level of fitness throughout the holidays.

  1. Eat Slowly

One of the best methods anyone can use is to eat their food slowly. Too often, a person eats with their eyes and fills up their plate with all sorts of food and treats. Since it seems to be a biological imperative to consume everything that is on the plate, one is left with quite the full tummy after scarfing down all the food in a few minutes. Instead, only put a few items on the plate and eat them slowly. By doing so, you allow your stomach to tell your brain that it is full. Not only will less food be consumed, but if you choose to eat healthier foods first, you’ll be filled with more nutritious calories.

  1. Use The Cold

For those who live in regions where it snows, you can actually utilize all that the cold offers to your advantage. With snow comes snow piles. Instead of hiring someone to remove the snow from the driveway, grab a snow shovel and shovel it clear instead. It makes for a tremendous exercise for the entire body. Just be sure plenty of breaks are taken during the shoveling so you don’t overexert yourself in the cold.

  1. Plan

Since the holidays are notoriously busy, you should already be prepared for the limited time you’ll devote to other areas of your life. That isn’t an excuse to stop working out, however. Instead, plan ahead. Know when special outings are occurring, when you’ll be busy with friends and family, and prepare for any last-minute deadlines at work. Schedule your gym time and other workouts around them.

When you have a solid plan and take small steps to stay healthier, you can emerge from the holiday season with your figure in better shape than ever.