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Almost everyone can benefit from doing more exercise. That said, many individuals are employed in jobs that require them to remain sedentary for an extended duration. These circumstances can precipitate a decline in physical fitness and potentially elicit health problems. Here are several suggestions regarding how to stay active when working in a job that necessitates being seated for long periods.

Take Short But Frequent Exercise Breaks

Those bound to a desk in an office are encouraged to execute frequent body movement breaks. Said movement does not necessarily have to be heavy activity, such as lifting or running. Such action could be light exercise like walking. The important issues at hand are moving the muscles and stimulating blood flow.

Maintain Good Posture

One component of maintaining physical strength is the maintenance of good posture. Individuals seated at a desk or in front of a computer terminal forĀ an extended period of time should always keep their neck, shoulders, back and arms in as upright a position as possible.

Practice healthy Dietary Habits

Individuals who do not exercise as much as others are strongly cautioned to adhere to healthy dietary practices. Office employees are advised to avoid foods and beverages with significant concentrations of fat and sugar. Said products can contain high caloric contents, which can precipitate weight gain in those who do not engage in the physical activity necessary to burn those calories off.

Do Not Assume Working Out Evens The Balance

Medical and physical fitness experts caution us to avoid subscribing to the “I work out, so it’s okay” philosophy. These healthcare professionals suggest that, while working out several times per week is a worthy and healthy endeavor, the activity should be performed to augment a fitness regimen and not be the only component of one. Members of the healthcare community stress that those employed in office jobs (even those who work out) still remain sedentary more than they are active.

Partake In Fitness-Related Activities Away From Work

Those who work at desk jobs are encouraged to increase their physical fitness levels outside the office. The most direct method of accomplishing this task is by establishing and engaging in a workout regiment. However, executing other overlooked, yet simple, actions like taking the stairs in lieu of the elevator, walking or cycling short distances instead of driving, and partaking in household chores can enhance one’s fitness levels.