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Daniel Lambraia

Health & Fitness

DanielLambraiaDaniel Lambraia grew up playing several intramural and school sports including basketball, football, baseball, and badminton. In college, he was a member of the Binghamton University Rugby Football Club team, holding positions at both wing and outside center. During which time he traveled to compete against other schools as well as help the team fundraise.

Although a tight work schedule and a few injuries have prevented him from playing sports competitively since college, Lambraia still believes in the importance of an active lifestyle. Today, one of the ways in which Daniel stays active is by biking to and from work, with the help of Citi Bike. As Daniel contends, biking is a simple and enjoyable way to be both health and environmentally conscious at the same time.

Additionally, Daniel Lambraia visits the gym regularly, practices yoga at least once a week, and meditates briefly before bed. During time off, Daniel also enjoys escaping city life to go hiking. He’s extremely excited about his plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with a close friend this coming fall.

A lover of food, Daniel is not a fan of strict dieting. Rather than implementing stringent guidelines to what he can eat, he aims for more long-term sustainable goals. In this regard, he believes that consistency is key. By eating relatively healthy on a regular basis and by being active three to six days per week, he can attain his goals while maintaining his sanity- a much more reasonable plan for someone with a busy work schedule.

Daniel Lambraia‘s passion for living healthy and staying active has connected him with others that also have a similar passion, creating new support systems and bonds through working out. Whether you were a high school athlete, or have continued your exercise regimen consistently through your life, Daniel encourages all to at least give an active lifestyle a try. Understanding the connecting between an active lifestyle and a healthy one is what keeps Daniel going on the days that the gym may seem more like a chore, and he hopes that through this blog, he will inspire others to keep pushing towards their health goals as well.

For Lambraia, a healthy lifestyle has to be long term sustainable. He understands the challenge to come of adapting his lifestyle to his age and amount of free time. Therefore, even when he doesn’t have the time to get in his regular routine, he makes it a point to get some sort of activity in and adjusts his diet accordingly. This includes stretching more frequently, avoiding workouts that put too much stress on joints, and eating more conservatively as very frequent strenuous workouts become less feasible.